Whoo Hoot Wednesday for this but I am so excited about it it needs a post of it’s own.  On Sunday night I sent in my entry to Up2Scrap for their August issue and today I received an email from Steph to say

Congratulations your layout for our August issue has been accepted. 

I am so happy as this is the second layout I have ever submitted to a magazine.  My last layout I submitted was back in their Autumn 07 issue. 

Anyway I had to share with you all.



Till next time





Comments on: "I was going to wait for….." (7)

  1. Huge congrats! Will look out for it 🙂

  2. Big CONGRATULATIONS to you Tanya

  3. My ears are still ringing from the scream!!! ROFL. Congratulations.

  4. way to go TanyaLeigh!!!!!! I will definitly have to run out and grab a copy as soon as it hits the shops! congrads!

  5. Yep, it’s pretty special having an email like that sitting in your inbox. Congratulations!!!

  6. What great news Tanya, congratulations!

  7. angelgurl said:

    Congrats on having a layout accepted thats awesome!!

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