Whoo Hoot Wednesday!

WOW! Hasn’t the last week gone fast? 

Reading Janine’s blog I have found this

Have added it to my side bar. Thanks Janine and Penny. 🙂


Ok, so my Whoo Hoot Wednesday for this week….

1. Neil and I paid off a bill this week, what an awesome feeling to have it paid in full.

2. I managed to do some of my BOM last night.

3. Had my hair cut and coloured on Saturday.

4. I brought some new Babydoll perfume today, I had run out.

5. I had some new stock arrive today. 


Till next time



Comments on: "Whoo Hoot Wednesday!" (8)

  1. Sounds like a great Whoo Hoot Wednesday. Gotta love that feeling of getting something paid off

  2. Yay for paying off a bill and haven’t seen a photo yet of the new hairdo!!!

  3. Good on you for clearing that bill, does that mean more $$ for scrapping? lol

  4. What a great list Tanya. Nothing like getting your hairdone to give you a boost.

  5. yay for for new hair cut and colour
    Great to get a bill paid off – definitely a hooting moment

  6. Gotta love paying a bill off, thats a satisfying feeling. What a great bunch of whoo hoots. I am so hanging our for my cut and colour next week. Thanks for playing whoo hoot Wednesday.

  7. Yay – what a great list.

  8. Okay so if you had your hair done … where’s the pics then … eh? eh? eh?

    Good on you for clearing a bill … perhaps a little more in the kitty … for special treats.

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