up to this weekend.  We are having a boy free weekend, well we still have Noah..:) I have been scrapping, shopping yesterday and doing some housework.  Today we are heading to Silvermoon to have a look at their sale.  Silvermoon is where Neil brought my pandora bracelet.  I drove passed it yesterday and they are having a 10-50 off everything sale so we are going to have a wee lookie, just a look…LOL!

I have been catching up on things re scrapping as it’s a good time while the other boys aren’t around.  Been working ahead of time on the sketches and layouts for The Little Shop of Sketches. Once you have done the sketch from any week then they can be uploaded to the gallery

The weather here in Christchurch isn’t that flash.  It’s cold (but not that cold as I haven’t got the fire on) and it’s just started to rain.  A very good day to stay in a scrap.  Vicki came over for Friday crop with my pagemaps book.  It is a very cool book, just need to take the cards out from the back of the book.  Thanks Vicki for getting it for me. 

So what have you all been up to this weekend? 





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  1. Sounds like a fairly quiet weekend in your house – I hope you enjoy it!
    We are having a quiet one too. Went to the pools today and have no plans for tomorrow – hopefully some scrapping! 😉

  2. Am resisting going to that sale.

    Happy scrapping and is the Littlest Scrapper being helpful?

  3. oooh I’d love a Pandora bracelet. Pretty quiet weekend here. Got a couple of pages done for the trip album.

  4. mummymoo said:

    Quiet weekend here too, ohhhhh a weekend with out little assistants sounds like bliss 🙂 Blimmin cold up here to and have had the fire on a couple of times. WOW that sale sounds cool as – Is silver moon just a local shop or is it a franchise, I have never heard of it but it sounds dangerous LOL xox

  5. Silver Mooon is, I believe throughout NZ, try googling it. They have looovely stuff!

    My weekend was relaxing, stressed, then more relaxing. I even got creative! Thanks again Tanya for talking me through adding a blog stat thingy to my blog.

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