Over the last few weeks I have been busy with scrapping, work, kids, friends and me.  Spending some time with the boys and doing the mummy help at school.  Leigh is doing well at school and Jarrod is at the top of his class which I am so proud of him.  He started out at school not doing so well and found alot of things hard but with all the work we have put in it’s all paid off.  I started out at school the same way but things didn’t turn out as good for me as it has for Jarrod but that’s another story.  Jarrod is playing Rugby at school which is loves and talks non stop about.  I’m not a fan of Rugby (WOW, did I just say that on here….LOL!!!) but i’m learning, thanks to Jarrod.  Leigh is not sure on what sport he wants to play so we are on hold with him at the moment. 

Here are photos of Jarrod in the get up for a socal game at school last week. He wanted me to take photos of him in the back yard so here they are…

The response from my new blog Little Shop of Sketches has been amazing and thanks to everyone for the emails and calls with the support.  It is new for me doing sketches but fun as well.  Working on new sketches, layouts, classes and the next ‘Kids Make Stuff’ Holiday programme for July which is keeping me busy. 

Well lots to do so till next time








Comments on: "Update!" (2)

  1. It sounds like both Jarrod & Leigh are doing well at school, that’s great! I’m sure you’ll be on a steep learning curve with the rugby … you might end up becoming an AB’s fan yet!! 🙂

  2. Hey there
    lol I giggled when I read your comment on rugby – Callum (11) has always been very passionate about it and after starting out with a couple of years of soccer he switched to rugby – I have learnt alot about rugby and now I enjoy watching him play – the biggest buzz was when he was given a nickname by his coach “Bull” However – the over protective mummy rises her head every now and then when he goes down and I think ooohhhh can I take him home now – but one must stand on the sideline and stay there!!!!

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