Ok, we have had problems doing what we want to do with my business ie forum, gallery, etc so we have had to start again. That means a new server, forum and gallery but the forum and gallery is only one part of what my business is all about. The Showroom blog isn’t what we wanted but it has done us in the mean time and couldn’t find a suitable one other than the norm…. Very Happy

The old forum will be deleted at some point but all info that is on there can be found at the new forum, check it out here


The temporary home page will link you to everything. The new home page will be designed around the new banner competition which finishes on the 13th June. So please bare with us while this happens.

Really SORRY but you will all have to register again and do your profiles, avatars again and start any threads you started again. We are really sorry but our server provider has been giving Neil and I a major headache. I do hope you all find your way to the new site and look forward to chatting and getting involved with the challenges. There are lots of cool challenges in store for you all to. Been very very busy this weekend setting this all right for you all so fingers crossed we have done it. cheers

All other threads will be deleted soon along with the whole forum but you can find them on the new forum.

Thanks so much

See you soon flower



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