Over the weekend I was doing a little painting.  A couple of weeks ago I brought this on sale for $10 from Spotlight. I thought it was a good price as it was normally $25.


I knew what I wanted to do with it and this is how it turned out…

I painted it white and then used some sand paper and sanded the edges back to the brown.  I brought a mirror from The Warehouse about 6 months ago and I love it and now I do all my frames to match….

Now my wee draws sit nicely on my scrapping desk with all my ink cubes in it.


Frames, draws, mirrors etc that are like this aren’t cheap to buy but can get the same effect by doing what I do.  The top draw is full of pinecone ink cubes…LOL!!! the rest is full of different colours. 

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the comments, emails and phone calls about the forum. It will take time to build up but 14 registered users isn’t to bad in such a short time.  There are lots of things to come but again everything takes time. 

Thanks again!



Comments on: "Painting!" (4)

  1. shornsheep said:

    Wow! They are just awesome! You are really multi-talented aren’t you. 🙂

    Esp. love the draws.

  2. mummymoo said:

    Oh wow that looks great and I love the mirror, go you number 8 wire girl well done on being so resource full and I am LOVING the new forum, even almost tempted to have a go at the card challenge – almost 😉 great job it looks AWESOME!! You sneaky clever thing 🙂

  3. That looks really cool Tanya – clever you!

  4. love that french look – you would love my window seat – we got it in a clearance sale last year and it totally doesnt fit with all my rustic browns but I love it :o)

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