Happy Mothers Day!

Well this morning started out great. I was woken up with all the boys and Neil looking at me with hand made cards with coffee and toast.  It was so lovely. Even wee Noah made me a card.  So cute!

The boys brought me a Pandora bracelet and one charm for Mother’s day and also a $20 voucher to buy another charm for it.  I love it so much.  I got up around 9.30am after having breakfast in bed. Then I did some house work around lunch time.  The boys were asking for food and I told them they werent’ going to get lunch until they cleaned something, ie bathroom, toilet, vacuum the house……Neil and I were laughing as they really did it. I wasn’t expecting them to but they did…..so that was a nice Mother’s day present to. Thanks guys! Even wee Noah was mopping the kitchen floor.

Had a very low key Mother’s Day this year but that is fine with me.  We have spoken to Mum (Neil’s Mum) today and wished her a happy Mother’s Day.  I sent her a card on Friday via courier and paid extra to have it delivered yesterday and she still doesn’t have it.  NZ post/courier post is going to get an ear full tomorrow from one unhappy camper. 






Comments on: "Happy Mothers Day!" (3)

  1. Cool on the boys helping with the housework and I hope you too pics of Noah mopping the floor buddy – too cute …

    Pandora … hmmmmmmmmmmm … noice!!!

    And so DO NOT talk to me about NZPost/Courier Post at the moment and you know why!!!

  2. Sounds like a lovely Mother’s Day!

  3. Great to hear you had a lovely Mother’s Day, especially that part where your boys mucked in and did the housework. LOL, did you take photos of them in action?

    NZPost – MEH! I cannot work out how it takes three days for a card I posted to the correct address to get across town, but a card I posted to ChCh arrived the next day, and no, I didn’t send it Fastpost, just regular post. Go figure!

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