Long weekend!

Our long weekend was spent doing odd jobs around the house, scrapping, weekly shopping, sorting the kids class packs for the holiday programme and also keeping 5 boys in line…LOL!!!  Neil fixed the hall light, fixed the DVD player, fixed the fan in the bathroom and also fixed the outside light.  Just a few things that needed fixing but all done now.  I went and did the shopping while Neil was busy doing all that as he had to turn the power off and I didn’t know what to do as I couldn’t go on the computer or phone….lol! The boys played out side for awhile on their bikes and tramp.  While all the kids were outside playing Noah fell down the back steps and gave himself a lump and a scratch under his right eye.  You will see it in photos down a little on this post.  Poor wee man!

Saturday I spent must of the day making cards for Little Miss and Mister.  Haven’t done any for awhile and she is after some real soon. Will be making a trip in there on Monday on the return of school.  Saturday night was going to be a night out taking the boys Ten Pin bowling but Noah was in a right mood and I’d had enough of it so he went to bed early.  So didn’t end up going out.  There is always next time Daniel and Cameron come over.  Yesterday wasn’t a flash day so I did some scrapping but haven’t finished the layouts as yet.  Will add once I have finished.

Today was a really nice day weather wise and I got the boys sorted this morning and Jarrod and Leigh got on their bikes and Noah walking and we headed to Westlake Park to feed the ducks.  When we got there Jarrod, Leigh and Noah didn’t want to feed the ducks so I ended up feeding the ducks with another lady and her grand children….LOL!!! It was lovely.   The boys played on the park for awhile and then we walked around Westlake park and then walked home.  No photos sorry as I forgot my camera….LOL!!!

Today on my return from the park I got mail and happy mail at that.  I was involved in a album swap and we had to sent a 4′ x 3′ album in summer colours to Janine and then we got sent another album in return.  I got Janine’s album!  Thanks so much Janine, it’s awesome. Here are some photos of her album…..


Once I have added my photos and finished it I will repost it all finished.  I love it and it’s the same papers I did my wee album in. Not sure who got my wee album but who ever did, hope you like it. Can’t wait to see it finished. 

Just had to share these photos of Noah eating Sushi that Neil made for last nights dinner…..





Comments on: "Long weekend!" (9)

  1. Poor Noah, he looks a bit banged up!
    Sounds like you’re making the most of the holidays and keeping busy or getting out and about.

  2. I had a list of stuff for Marty to do over the weekend – nothing on that list got marked off, LOL! Oh I tell a lie, he did mow the lawns! 🙂
    Noah looks like he has a big shiner! Ouch!

  3. Hee hee hee, Noah and the sushi, just too cute!

  4. Hope Noah is feeling a bit better today. Thats a great little ablum you have recieved, looking forward to seeing it finshed off with some photos

  5. Ummmmm … that would be ‘ouch’ – poor wee man. I don’t know of any young children that eat sushi … how did you manage that one?

  6. Ouch Noah – hope he all better??
    that wee album looks great Tanya, will be so cool when you have the fotos in it.

  7. Love Noah eating sushi – our Mr6 loves it (but hates many other more “ordinary” things 🙄 )
    sounds like you guys had a very busy weekend. Love Janine’s little album too – such a neat idea and can’t wait to get mine finished (Igot Rochelle’s)

  8. Did Mr Fix-It get a rest over the weekend?? For his age Noah is a really good eater so long may it continue and he sure does get into the wars.

  9. mummymoo said:

    Yay so glad you like it, oh poor little man, moo looks similar at the mo after taking on the blanket box ouch!!

    OMG he likes sushi, what a man, even I dont like sushi, had too much in japan LOL

    well done on DH fixing stuff to, it always feels so good to have all that little stuff done, hope the rest of the weekend is cool, cant wait to see your layouts 🙂

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