Look what I got!

Last week I won these off trade me and couldn’t believe I got both for $100.  I now have 24 cubes to put all my scrapbooking stuff…..LOL!! I have since put my stuff in them and I still have 6 holes to fill so does that mean I can go and spend money to fill them up…..ROFL!  Neil say NO, but I say YES…..



I have been busy doing samples for the kids holiday programme I’m running over the next school hoildays.  Making cards for Little Miss & Mister, doing samples for the huge Christmas card order I do every year and doing some layouts for a friend. Between all that I haven’t had time to do anything for me. My BOM isn’t a happening thing (at the moment) but it’s still sitting there and I will get to it.  I have a few layouts started but not finished. 


Well just a short post, have lots to do so till next time




Comments on: "Look what I got!" (8)

  1. Oh, am loving those shelves! What a bargain!
    Yes you must go and buy some more stuff to fill those remaining shelves, can’t have them looking empty and lonely! LOL!

  2. What a great bargin you got with the shelves….maybe you cvould do jsut a bit more shopping to fill the last 6 spaces,LOL

  3. A wee bit of shopping is called for to fill those 6 spaces -lol – any excuse I say ;O)

  4. Tell Neil he is outvoted on that one and yes you get an A+ for spelling.

    Look forward to seeing the new look tomorrow.

  5. Oh wowser … now I could do with them too …

    Another vote … to go shopping!!!

  6. Fantastic shelves there ! Love them… and yeah, I’d probably need to fill them so I reckon you should too 😛

  7. well thats a good score

  8. shornsheep said:

    Wow, that is some serious storage you have there!

    Isn’t TradeMe neat? 🙂

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