Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Jarrod!  Jarrod is 11 years old today.  I so can’t believe where the last 11 years have gone.  I was talking to someone yesterday and just said to them the same thing.  I still remember everything over the last 11 years and it only seems like yesterday I was in Greymonth hospital having him. 

Yesterday I took Jarrod to the doctor to have his 11 year old injections and we spent the day together, doing lunch, buying him his birthday presents.  Jarrod wanted a cricket bat, soccer ball and cricket ball so we picked what he wanted and he is on cloud 9.  The bat he wanted was a Gray Nicolls Power Fusion, like I knew what he was on about.  The guy in the shop did so that’s good. As long as someone did….LOL!!!!

This morning Jarrod was up before me and was dying to get his hands on his presents.  He has gone off to school today with his new cricket bat and ball. 

Jarrod has played cricket before and next season he will play again.  He is very good at cricket and plays well.

I am having a day at home today and making Jarrod a birthday cake and the weekend after Easter he will be having a party with his friends.  He wants to go to Laser Strike with his mates and his ‘Girl’ friend…LOL!

Well Happy Birthday Jarrod, this birthday has been great and look forward to the next one to share with you.  Enjoy!

Love you, Mum!



Comments on: "Happy Birthday!" (5)

  1. Happy Birthday, Jarrod!
    Sounds like you had a nice mother-and-son day yesterday getting his presents and having lunch (the injection part sounds not so grand, but I guess the other stuff made up for it, LOL).

  2. Happy Birthday Jarrod! Great pressies – love how you had the special time together.

  3. Happy Birthday Jarrod from all of us here. Aaron very envious over the cricket bat. Just watch out for the windows!!!! LOL

  4. Happy birthday Jarrod and I’m thinking that you are going to be knocking your new bat in for the next couple of days … I remember Nathan knocking his in – rowdy job it is/was.

    Have fun.

  5. Happy Birthday Jarrod……..dont they grow fast

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