Layouts from Scrap Camp

Thought I better take photos of what I did at camp and have a show and tell……sounds like I’m back at school…LOL!!!

This first one is of Jarrod with what his class mates said about him at the end of last year.  The teacher asked every kid in the class to say something about each kid and he typed it up and gave it to everyone.  I thought that was a great thing to do and some of the things said are really great.

This next one is a scrap lift from one someone did at camp, I scrap lifted one that Mrs Frizz did and this is how mine turned out….

This next one is of Neil and I and was also a challenge at camp, using no cardstock…..

This next one was a SBO challenge where everyone got the same and we all had to do something with it and this is my layout…..Photos of Noah having his first choc biscuit.

This next layout is of Tracy ( Michelle Frisby’s sister) and was also a challenge we had to have a title of Yeah Baby, Bring it on, or Well that didn’t go to plan on it…..

Sorry photo is a bit dark as it was taken last night………..And Tracy now has it to go in her album.

This next one was another challenge to add a photo of yourself to a layout and this is also the Friday night challenge over at SE…

This next layout was a challenge for sure, we all started scrapping for 7 mins then we had to pass it to the next person and then they would scrap for 7 mins and so on, and this is what came back to me…..

I wouldn’t have done a layout like this but I do like it, it is very cool so thanks to the girls who added bits to my layout, THANKS!!

I also did 2 make and takes which just need finishing, just need to add a few things.  Thanks to SBO and SE for the make and takes, very cool.  I also made 25 invitations for Miss Meg while on camp…..

So all and all I got a few layouts and bits and pieces done, not anywhere near what some of the girls did but was great for me.  Well had to share, now have to go get dinner on so till next time,




Comments on: "Layouts from Scrap Camp" (6)

  1. Gorgeous stuff! I love them all but my fave is the first one, what a great page and a great concept that Jarrod’s teacher applied with his class. I’m sure it meant lots to the kids.
    Love the 7-min layout too … it’s such a cool idea!

  2. Lovely layouts Tanya. You certainly kept yourself busy.

  3. awww so you werent just playing up down the other end of the table then??? lol
    gorgeous layouts tanya!

  4. What great layouts you have done Tanya. i lvoe the idea of the first layout to get all the kids in his class to say something bout him and then turning that into a layout.

  5. Great Layouts Tanya, but the pimped Rock-LMAO Scrappers taking over the world one rock at a time…..

  6. You certainly rocked your layouts … awesome buddy. Well done!!!

    So how creative have you been since you have been home then????

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