Queenstown Scrap Camp

Well as most of you know I was in Queenstown over the weekend at Scrap retreat south. I left CHCH on Thursday morning to pick Janine up from the airport.  Was great to meet you Janine and it was a great trip down to Queenstown. Got to know Janine a little on our trip.  Thanks Janine for catching a ride with me. Made it a much better trip with someone to share it with.  On our way we did a few stops. One stop was just after Omarama where there are alot of piles of rocks and Janine and I got some pink bling and we pimped a rock………..LOL!

We put some pink bling on a rock and wrote

‘Pimp my rock’

“Scrapper style”


Janine aka angelgurl and Tanya aka tanyaleigh

Scrapbook Essentials

Was such a laugh and it was talk around the camp over the weekend.  LOL!!!

We arrived in Queenstown around 5.30pm on the Thursday and meet up with Meg, Megan, Michelle and some others.  Was great to catch up again.  Got to meet people I haven’t meet before which was great.  Was a awesome view from our room looking out over Queenstown.

The sleeping arrangments in my room were a bit off……LOL!!! My snoring buddies, they know who they are…..ROFL! The lounge floor was great the second night.

Lots of scrapping and laughing and fun. I made a pink tiara and then ended up making another 5. Here is a photo of the 6 princesses in training……

Our tiaras were on most of the weekend along with the access passes I made for everyone. 

My room buddies for the weekend, well part of the weekend, hey Michelle and Janine…..LOL!!


The weather was great, the food was yum, the company was awesome and well worth the long drive and the money. A special thanks to Scrapbook Essentials and Scrapbook Outlet for an awesome weekend. The make and takes, goodie bags, prizes, challenges, everything rocked.  Thanks also to Lara and Nik for everything you 2 did over the weekend, you know how to put on a fab weekend.

Group photo

A few laughs going around at to what Michele was doing in the photo…..I am not going to say a word Michele…LOL!! It is a great photo kindly taken by Lara’s daughter. 

This next photo is amazing, lots of scrapping stuff for miles and I was told I was the only one who brought furniture to camp…..I took my draws but it was very handy…LOL!!

Any way this has turned out to be very long so I am going to sign off so till next time.




Comments on: "Queenstown Scrap Camp" (7)

  1. Cool photos Tanya. Loved the “pimped” rock. At least next time you have a say over who sleeps where.

  2. Looks and sounds like a really fun weekend! Love the “pimping” of the rock!

  3. Hey Lounge Buddy! That was definitely a better sleeping option – LOL!!
    Thanks for a great weekend, haven’t laughed so much in ages!

  4. Great photos Tanya, looks and sounds like everyone had lots of fun

  5. Hmmmmmmm … no comment on the sleeping arrangements – ROFLMAO … love your pimped rock buddy … awesome.

    It was a cracker weekend and I’m still getting over it.

  6. thanks for posting that group photo Tanya…I cant believe that was the best one out of all the ones taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Great weekend tho – those central girls really know how to organise a scrap camp!

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