Photo shoot!

Well it was about time I had some new photos taken of me so Neil was snap happy with the camera today and then Leigh took some of Neil and I together. 


I have started the BOM that is being done over at Scrapbook Essentials and needed some new photos of me as the ones I have everyone has seen many many times before….LOL!!!

I have been sorting photos this week and have found some photos of me when I was young (about Noah’s age) and lots through the years.  Some wedding photos from my first marriage, school photos, 21st photos and heaps more. 

So everyone might see these photos for a while until the next set gets taken…LOL!!!

Till next time








Comments on: "Photo shoot!" (11)

  1. great photos Tanya of you and you and Neil. But I am a little concerned where is the pink???? lol 🙂 Good on you for getting up to date photos.

  2. Lovely photos Tanya, I really like the last one of you and Neil – you both look so comfortable and content – gorgeous!
    I wondered about the pink as well lol ;o)

  3. Just love these pics Tanya!

  4. No pink …and you’re not wearing black!! LOL. Love all the bling and love the photos – definitely scrappable. Look forward to seeing them in some layouts and your BOM.

  5. Beautiful photos – bit concerned about the lack of pink though lol!

  6. Great photos

  7. Great photos – you are alway soooo photogenic, Tanya 🙂
    Love the ones of you & Neil together as well … that boy of yours is a good photographer 🙂

  8. These are great photos Tanya.

  9. Love all of them … gorgeous pics … yep, no pink and no black … go YOU!!!

    See ya tomorrow – safe travels my friend …

  10. Great photo’s Tanya!!!Have fun doing your BOM.

  11. Great photos Tanya – they are all fab. Leigh did a good job of the ones of you and Neil didn’t he?

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