Why do YOU scrapbook!

Some of you know that last weekend a friend Roanna and her daughter Emma were killed in a car accident just out of Christchurch.  The last week has been very hard for me but mostly for her family and close friends.  Someone pointed out to me that wasn’t it great that she scrapbooked. Now David (Roanna’s husband) has something to look back on and remember the times with his wife and daughter.   That is so true.  It has made me think about my scrapbooking and why I scrapbook. 

My boys have a album or two each and is full of layouts of them and the odd one of Neil and I.  There is so much more than that. I haven’t spoken to my parents for around 5 years but they are still a part of my life and always will be. My ex husband (Jarrod and Leigh’s Dad) Phil. This is all a part of me and the boys and I haven’t scrapped them at all.  Over the last week it has made me rethink all this and I am resorting the boys albums and putting my parents and Phil into them.  The BOM is on the top of my list of things to do.  I so want the boys to have something they can look back on and remember their mum and also to show their families. 

Scrapbooking is all about memories and leaving something for your friends and family to remember you by.  This isnt’ the case for some people. To them it seems like it’s just to be published or making Design Teams.  Don’t get me wrong I was upset when I didn’t make a Design Team (twice) but I have been rethinking things over the last week.  Not saying that I won’t ever submit or enter any other design teams again but scrapbooking should be all about the memories. 

My list of scrapbooking:

BOM album

To finish unfinished projects and layouts

To scrap my parents

To scrap my ex husband Phil

To scrap layouts of my first marriage

To scrap/start an album for Daniel and Cameron

To scrap layouts of my friends

To take more photos of everyone

All these things I haven’t done and so need to as it is a huge part of me,my pass and future. 

So why do you Scrapbook?  Is it for the memories or for something else……


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  1. I have always kept very detailed photo albums and personal diaries/journals which tell the stories of my life and our family’s life. I would still do those things even if I didn’t scrapbook. But scrapbooking just takes it one step further into the personally fulfilling realm of creativity and “art”. And that’s why I do it, it’s my creative outlet. It combines both aspects … the desire to be creative and the desire to preserve memories and stories for my family. It’s important to pass that onto future generations, and scrapbooking is a great way to do it.

  2. Well I wish that I could say it was always for the memories … but that’s not always 110% true … cos I don’t always journal, but sometimes I feel there is no need to journal. A picture paints a thousand words, sometimes. For the most part it is … that special moment in time i.e., the pic that means something to me than perhaps another photo does – does that make sense. It sounds a bit double dutch when I re-read what I have written. But I know what I mean. For me too it is also a creative outlet. I’m more passionate about scrapbooking than I have ever been about any other craft hobby.

  3. I scrapbook because I love it. I do it so that the kids can look back on their childhoods and say I remember that. Hopefully they will remember the good times we have and all the things we have done and share it with their families. There are people I don’t want to put in the scrapbooks but they are there and the journalling is hidden because it is personal to me. There are the pages that include topics that make me sad but it is part of our family history and so I include them.

    Having a tragedy like what has happened does make you re-evaluate what you are doing. Good on you.

  4. Im sorry to hear about your friend.

    When I first started scrapbooking it was something new to do. Then when my son was diagnosed with autism it became a positive way to record the day to day challenges of this. I scrabook so that my boys can look back on their childhood, the good, happy times and some not so happy times. My goal for this year is to scrapbook more of me so that when im gone they can look back and remeber me and know what their mum was like what she enjoyed etc….

  5. for me its to tell the story, the good the bad and the indifferent. To share how some experiences shaped me and how others hurt me. It’s called life and as we all know life deserves to be on a scrap page. I have never had a desire to be on a design team so thats not the reason I scrap.

    Go you on looking at including some pages on your parents and ex and also on yourself.

  6. For me it’s as much the fun and socialisation as it is the creative outlet and the memory keeping. I think that’s why it is so great – it is so many things in just one hobby.

    Sorry to hear about your friend and her little girl – that is really upsetting news. {Hugs}

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