Valentine’s Day Card

Today has been a lazy day due to Noah being unwell so I had time to make a Valentine’s day card for Neil and also for the challenge at Scrap Retreat South in Queenstown.

Here it is

I made the inside like a pocket and put ‘THE’ photo of me inside…..LOL! and a coupon for a date with me for dinner and movies.  I started making this when Noah got up at 5am this morning and wanted to play. 

A bit tired so am off to bed.

Till next time



Comments on: "Valentine’s Day Card" (11)

  1. How gorgeous! Love it!

  2. Stunning card Tanya.

  3. Thats very cool Tanya.

  4. That is so yummy! Such a great idea!

  5. That’s a very neat card! Complete with ‘the’ photo of you. ;o)

  6. That’s a great card Tanya

  7. Thats so neat. Nicki

  8. does neil not check your blog? I couldn’t get away with showing mine… just incase LOL. cool card… good luck!

  9. You are sooooooo talented … you continually inspire me!

  10. I just love this card – I cheated and purchased Richard a card but am going to bling it up a bit with kindy glitz

  11. OMG – that my friend is bleedin’ G O R G E O U S … awesome!!!!

    He’s going to love it …

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