I am still around!

Well I am still on this earth.  Been creative over the last week or so.  I have been busy making cards for a kids clothing shop here in Christchurch called Little Miss & Mister.  I normally do cards every month for this shop.  Keeps me out of trouble…..LOL!!

Cards are very simple and bright but fits the style of the shop nicely. 

Vicki and I went shopping today without the kids, well I still had Noah. We had lunch at The Palms and then we went into Pumpkin Patch and I brought Noah 4 t-shirts for $26 for next year.  Pretty good value for t-shirts from patch.   It is so nice that the kids are back at school and I even have a one child weekend this weekend as Jarrod and Leigh are off to their Dad’s.  Neil and I have a busy weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom. Not that exciting I know but it needs to be done.  Do plan on sitting down and doing some scrapping while the boys aren’t here as well.  Will share my other work when finished.

Only a couple of weeks to go then off to Queenstown to Scrap Camp.  Janine has changed her flights and flying into Christchurch and driving with me.  Thanks Janine for changing your plans.  It will make the trip alot nicer to have someone to talk to.  Will be stopping at Ashburton at the scrapbooking shop to have a look so hope you can handle that…..LOL!! Am busy making a little something for everyone going.  I have found out that there are about 25 or so people going so I better get my A into G and finish them.  So looking forward to this camp as I get 4 days with the girls, catch up with friends and meet some people I haven’t meet yet but talk with on SE’s chat room and on the forum. 

Lots of challenges ahead of us from what I have been reading on the Scrap Camp Blog.  Looking forward to seeing what Lara has in store for us all.  Should be alot of fun, can’t wait!

Well, better go.  Have a few things to do tonight before bed,

Till next time,




Comments on: "I am still around!" (2)

  1. Those cards are so cute! Does the store give you a discount for making those? 😉

    Didn’t realise the Queenstown camp was so soon – I bet you are excited! Can’t wait to hear all about it and see the work you talented girls do!

  2. Cool wee cards and yep, the big count down will be on for those of us going to scrap camp … roll on March …

    Hope you are having fun cleaning … ROFLMAO …

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