A few hassles this week

Well, this week has been a very stressful week and just glad it’s Friday. A few hassles this week but they seem to be sorted now.  Just need the boys back at school and things will be better.  I think it’s the same for most of us.  

 The boys have driven me up the wall and so glad school is back on Monday.  Still have to get the rest of their stationary which I am doing tomorrow.  I told the boys that I would take them out for lunch and Ten Pin Bowling so that’s what Jarrod, Leigh and I are doing tomorrow. 

Am heading over to Vicki’s place this afternoon to past over Alice’s CJ that is being done over at Scrapbook Essentials.  Not many to go now and mine with be home.  Am looking forward to it’s return.  My topic was ‘Your Creative Space’ Everyone had to do a layout on their scrapping space with them in the photo.  Can wait to see everyones creative spaces. 

Have been busy sorting a few things for classes and today am heading out to get some things made for classes and to sell.  Will have a show and tell soon. 

Well, just a short post from me today as have a busy day ahead of me and then a crop tonight. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

Till next time



Comments on: "A few hassles this week" (3)

  1. School is back this week … hopefully a less stressful week for you my friend.

    Chin up and take care.

  2. Hey Tanya… I just wanted to say thank you so much for the gorgeous card you sent. It really made my day. Thank you again – you straight rock. mwah!

  3. Hope your having a better week.

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