My Day

Yesterday was a great day. Yesterday I dropped the boys at the babysitters place and spent the afternoon with Vicki, Meg and Sharon (Meg’s friend). Meg was in town for Bon Jovi on Sunday night,  but yesterday afternoon we spent it shopping.  We shopped and coffee’d (?) with lots of laughs.  It was great to see you Meg and nice to meet you Sharon.  Hope you all had a great trip home and that the kids are ok. 

After leaving Meg and Aaron’s motel Vicki and I didn’t have to be home in a hurry so we decided to go out for dinner.  We had thai which was just ‘YUMMY’.  Then back to drop Vicki off and a coffee then home to bed for me.  It was so nice to have a free afternoon from the kids as it’s been sooooooo long…LOL!!!!  I love my boys alot but it will be nice to have them back at school. 

Over the last few weeks I have been getting together school uniforms, shoes, books, new school bags for the boys to return to school next week. OMG!! I can’t believe how much all this has cost us.  The boys are going through a pair of shoes every term which drives me up the wall.  I don’t even need a pair of shoes that often.  Every year they get their stationary lists to bring home and they are to have everything on that list before returning to school.  By the end of that year they haven’t used half of the stuff but they HAD to have it.  Drives me crazy!! Leigh has one thing on his list that I have never heard of and you can only get it from the school and it gets added to your school account.  Will have to pay but he won’t use it, I’m sure. 

Till next time



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  1. I think we definitely deserved some ME time yesterday – talking, laughing, eating and shopping. A great afternoon.

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