Take a look at these…….


The other night I dished up dinner for everyone and Leigh decided to turn his nose up at his.  He isn’t a great eating when it comes to dinner.  If I make something he doesn’t like he always does this and then I normally say he doesn’t have to eat it and give him something else.  But I am sick and tired of making different meals for everyone one in the house.  Leigh has clicked onto this so I was very strong and told him it was that or nothing……so he decided he didn’t want it.  Then about an hour later he come to me and ask for something else to eat.  NO! was my answer but I told him he could have his dinner that was in the fridge.  So guess what?  He ate it.  He now knows that mummy isn’t a sucker any longer……

Now wouldn’t this make a great layout…..LOL!! Might just do that…


Till next time



Comments on: "Take a look at these……." (4)

  1. I have always refused to make separate food for fussy eaters. They know they won’t get anything else if they don’t eat what’s offered. Many a night one of my kids has gone to bed with no dinner, and they’re fine! I think it’s much better to have rules about it than for them to have a reason to complain. So good job, Mum!!

    And yes, those photos would be great on a layout!! 😉

  2. Sounds familiar!! Good on you for being strong and it paid off. Just love the look on his face!

  3. Can’t meal times be so drawn out.Max is our painful one in our family.

    Good for you Tanya.

  4. Stick to your guns my friend … if they are hungry enough, they will eat it …

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