First layout for 2008

Well I have done it. My first layout for 2008.  It is for the New Years challenge over at Scrapbook Essentials.    Here it is…..


I have 5 new years resolutions for 2008,

1. To lose weight and eat healthy

2. Spend more time with the boys

3. To be more organised

4. To pay all our bills off

5. To spend more time with Neil


Well I can say that the weight and eating healthy started just after new year and have lost some weight already and I feel fab. Have been spending alot more time with the boys and have also paid 2 of our bills off already.  A few more to go but I have 11 mths to go..LOL!  Just need to find the time for Neil and I to spend together but with 5 kids it can be hard to even find 5 mins. 

Till next time



Comments on: "First layout for 2008" (4)

  1. Like the layout and good on you for puting your resolutions out there. Good luck in meeting them.

  2. Michelle H-G said:

    Awesome layout, you are one ahead of me for 2008, although I have bought a lot of wooden kitset OTP things lately (albums, boxs, hangings) from Spotlight and am looking forward to starting one of them soon.

    If only the week was two days and the weekend was 5 days I’d be loving it.
    Take care,

  3. Great layout Tanya, and good luck with those resolutions!

  4. Fabulous layout – what a great start for 2008. All the very best with your resolutions and I know that you are very determined to succeed. Good luck.

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