Happy New Year!

I know, I know……New Year was 8 days ago but have been busy with the kids and going on picnic’s, the beach and girls night’s out.  But thought tonight I should update this thing..LOL!!

On Saturday afternoon we caught up with some very good friends for a BBQ at their place along with a swim in their pool. The boys loved it and so did I…….YES I went for a swim…LOL!!! I haven’t been for a swim in about 6 years. I just DON’T swim.  But it was great.  Jarrod and Leigh loved it as I was in with them. 

And here is one Neil took of me OUT of the pool…LOL!! but look at the view we had from the pool, just beautiful! Our friends have a stunning house in Redcliffs on the hill.

Even wee Noah got in but didn’t like it so he sit on the side of the pool and played with a bucket of water. 

We took the boys to Sumner and walked along the beach and took Noah through the ROCK for the first time.  The Rock is huge, you can climb over it and go through it when the tide is out.  Noah wasn’t sure at first going into it but once Jarrod and Leigh headed in he was off.  Here are some photos from the beach…

The boys were so happy climbing up and down the rock, but we did lose them for a bit.  I was up the top of the rock with them and the last I saw them was they were heading down a hole. I told them to be careful as I headed down the other side.  Then I went around the side the were on but from the ground and I was yelling at them but they didn’t answer me.  I was starting to freak out after they didn’t answer me after about 10 times of me yelling at them.  They were fine and were on the other side of the rock yelling to find me…..LOL!

On Sunday we went to The Groynes for a pinic with Andrew, Vicki, Alexia and Aaron and other friends of ours Phil, Anita and Vanessa.  It was so hot but stayed under the shade.  We had a great little spot for the day right by the river.  It was lovely just to sit with great friends and relax for the day. 

The boys had a great time playing in the water and then later on trying to catch eels.  The eels were long and gross but they all had fun feeding them sauages on a line Aaron found.

Noah had fun but was really tired.  He had a major meltdown and threw himself on the grass and screamed his head off and then after everyone tried to talk to him he stormed off and waved at us and went and stood by the trees……

This is the latest thing for Noah, when he is in a mood and doens’t want to talk to us he waves goodbye to us….it is so funny and we always laugh at him but he hates us laughing at him when he is like that.  We can’t help but laugh as he is soooooo cute when he does it….LOL!!

Well this has turned out to be a very long post so will finish now and go and finish off a wee xmas tree album I started.

Till next time



Comments on: "Happy New Year!" (3)

  1. Happy New Year to you, Tanya!
    Sounds like you’ve been enjoying the holidays and the weather. Wow, that pool looks so inviting … I have always wanted a pool (or friends that have a pool, LOL) even though we live by the beach, there is something about a backyard pool that I just love!

    ROFL at Noah’s tantrum and standing by the trees!! Classic! I hope you’ll scrap that photo, he will love seeing that on his 21st!

  2. Their pool is huge and what a fantastic outlook. Noah is an absolute laugh especially with stamping the foot as well. Definitely a great day out.

  3. Hi ya … love your pics.

    Even I could sit in a swimming pool and look at that view. Beautiful.

    Noah’s pic staring at the trees … has to be on your scrapping pile.

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