Xmas is over!

Well Xmas is over for another year so thought I should get rid of the Xmas blog to.  And up goes the norm.  I had a sleep in this morning which was nice but didn’t get up till 11.30am….LOL!!  I have started taking the Xmas tree and decorations down and are packing them away for another year.  It is really sad that it is such a big deal leading up to Xmas and then it’s over, just like that within a day.  But onwards and upwards.  Neil and I have made some new years resolutions together and I have made some of my own.  I just hope I can stick to them. 

I have made a list and it’s sitting by my computer so I see it everyday so I don’t forget.  I have started one of my new years resolutions already and am proud of myself.  It’s a major for me and just need to stick to it.  Neil is on my case so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Have a few social things to go to this week which will be nice as we have been at home for the last week and I’m sick of the same 4 walls.  Mum and Dad (Neil’s parents) are coming down to CHCH on the 10th Jan for the weekend.  Can’t wait to see them as it’s been a year since we last saw them.  Wish we lived closer so we can see them more offen. 

 I am now going to finish taking the tree down and do some scrapbooking,

Till next time



Comments on: "Xmas is over!" (3)

  1. Hey, how do you get a sleep in til 11.30am?? I want one!!

    Good luck with the New Year Resolutions!

  2. Good luck with the New Year Resolutions – I’m sure you will stick with them cos you won’t just have Neil on your case!!!! LOL

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