Neil took some photos of Noah and I by the Christmas tree and these are the best ones


Christmas morning started out really slow for us as Daniel and Cameron were with their mum and Jarrod and Leigh were with their Dad for the morning.  Our day started about 3.30pm when Jarrod and Leigh finally turned up.  The boys just love it as they get lots more presents for Christmas with having two families each.  Santa left them heaps of lollies in their stockings and a few little toys. Daniel got body spray and roll on……he asked me if Santa was trying to tell him something….LOL!!! I thought to myself, YES, cause you need it….ROFL!

Santa left Noah a bag of jelly beans in his stocking along with some toys. Noah loves jelly beans as you can see in the photos below……


More photos from Christmas day….

And here is one of me with the present Neil and the boys brought me…….

Take note of what they brought….didn’t they do well….LOL! Daniel was giving me heaps for what I got, actually all the boys were.  As they call it – Crapbooking! and Jarrod thinks it’s boring, but what do boys know…LOL!


After dinner we took the kids down to the school at the end of the street and had a play around and kicked the ball around and had a play on the playground.  Then we came home and Noah had a play with this bubble machine he got……

He has so much fun and this year was better and he knew what to do with the presents, rip them open….


The day went way to fast for me and always does as we only have half a day with the boys but it was still a great day.  All the boys were spoilt from both families.  The last few days we have just been hanging around at home cleaning out the garage and getting rid of the rubbish and taking stuff to the red shed.  Jarrod and Leigh are with their dad this weekend and Neil and I are having time together with Noah.

I haven’t done any scrapbooking since christmas day and haven’t felt like doing any until today.  So that has been nice to sit and done some while the boys aren’t here.

Well, I’m going to go and do more

Till next time






Comments on: "Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!" (3)

  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas! Great photos of your boys, love the ones of you & Noah. He sure looks like he enjoyed those lollies!! I had to hide most of the ones my boys got … mean Mummy!! LOL 😉

  2. Sounds like lots of spoiling all round! Isn’t it great that they got you what you wanted/needed in spite of their comments!!!! LOL.

  3. Two gorgeous pics of you and Noah and more than a little scrappable. Look forward to seeing your creativity.

    Happy New Year to you buddy.

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