My night!

Neil and I decided to visit the supermarket tonight rather than today.  We have only just got home and I am on top of the world….LOL!!!!

Why, you ask, well let me tell you………………

We went around the supermarket and got everything we needed for Xmas including beer for Neil and then headed for the check out.  I unloaded the trolley and then I got asked for ID. I couldn’t work out why and she wanted it until I gave it to her.  I couldn’t believe it, she wanted ID because I was buying beer.  I asked how old you have to be to buy it and she said 20.  I laughed and laughed and laughed.  It was so funny.  I told the lady I am 34 and she just didn’t believe it. 

That has made my night.  We came home and told Daniel (Neils 16 year old) and he just looked at me and laughed…..LOL!!! It was very funny.

Anyway, I had to share,

Till next time



Comments on: "My night!" (4)

  1. LOL Tanya, that is so funny!! I get asked for ID all the time but I’m only 29 … I hope I still get asked when I’m 34! What a confidence booster!! ROFL 😉

    A very Merry Christmas to you and your wonderful boys!!

  2. ROFL – did she have her glasses on!!! That is so funny. Wishing you, Neil and all the boys a very Merry Christmas. Have a great day and catch up with you soon my friend.

  3. ha ha … you wee youngster you … what did Neil say – lol!!!

  4. I love that!!! You go Young Chick!!!

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