Trimming the tree

Look what I found and the boys have had fun with this and so have I….LOL!!!!

and this one is dressing a snowman

Get the kids to go and have a play, it’s alot of fun. 

Jarrod and Leigh came home from school yesterday with everything out of their decks and up ended it on their bedroom floor, NICE guys! Jarrod showed me some of the work he had done over the year and I really like a poem he wrote so thought I would share….

Bio Poem

by Jarrod Watson


Brother of Leigh, Noah, Cameron and Daniel. Friends of Corey, Chris and Brett.

Who loves go-karts, computer, tv.

Who at home likes to play on my bike.

Who fears missing out on yummy foods.

Whos favourite thing at school is P.E

Whose most treasured possession is my go-kart.

Whose three wishes are to be a multi billionere, travel the world and own a toyota supra.

Resident of Christchurch


I read this and loved it and thought I’d share with spelling mistakes and all….LOL!!



Better go, people to see, places to go

Till next time



Comments on: "Trimming the tree" (2)

  1. Love the poem! What a talented dude!!

  2. Michelle H-G said:

    Awesome poem Jarrod.

    Jasmine my 4 year loved dressing the snowman – very cool!

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