HOT weather

Today here in Christchurch has been so HOT.  Our temp inside the house said it was 32.7 at one part of the day.  I just about died…..I so don’t do heat…..LOL! Noah has a wee pool and we were all standing in it today. Even Jarrod and Leigh jumped in it when their Dad dropped them off at 6pm tonight. 

We have so much to do before Xmas we needed to go out this weekend and do them but it was so hot today we just stayed home.  Noah was running around today in just his nappy and at one point there was no nappy.  Neil started the BBQ up for tea tonight and we all sat outside under the tree and had dinner together and then we all had a water fight. The water was so cold but so nice. Noah didn’t take to it to well, screamed the whole time until Neil went inside, so the boys chased me around the back yard…..hahaha so not funny….LOL!!!

Last week of school and I’m glad as Jarrod and Leigh are so tired and grumpy with each other and ME….I so can’t believe it that Jarrod is going to be year 6 next year and Leigh will be year 4.  My babies are growing up way to fast. 

Well it’s late and hot but need to sleep

Till tomorrow



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