Yesterday when I arrived home from my day out with Vicki I found a NZC card stuck in my door.  They had been but didn’t leave the parcel. So I rang them up and was told there was a parcel for us but they wouldn’t deliver until Monday afternoon.  Bugger that, so I got in the car and went and got it. It was a box of Xmas presents from Neil’s parents to all of us.  SO the boys put them under the tree and some envelopes went on the tree. 

Thank you so much Mum and Dad for everything you have done for us and helped us out with over the last year, it has helped heaps and much appreciated. 

Today was a great day, doing Xmas crafts, scrapbooking in the morning, then off out to take one of Noah’s presents back to shop as it had a rip in it.  Then came home to do some cleaning and Neil, Noah and I headed out for a drive over to sumner and a wee walk on the beach and a play on the slide and swing, Noah that is………LOL!!! On our way back home everyone that was driving in and out of sumner were tested for drink driving.  Cops for miles.  We passed!!!!

Then before coming home we drove around the block to westlake to see if any of the houses were done out with Xmas lights. The Winnie the Pooh house was deck out and was open to everyone to go and have a look. So we took Noah through. He never made a sound, Noah was taking it all in. 

The whole bottom half at their house is covered in Xmas stuff. Xmas trees for miles and the lights were amazing.  The table looked beautiful, the backs of the chairs had very large gold santa hats hanging from them.  Very cool! Their wine rack was full of wine bottles and each wine bottle had a santa hat on them.  The kitchen had Xmas cookie stuff over the bench. There were Xmas trains, planes and snowmen.  The laundry, toilet and bathroom were deck out in lots of Xmas trees, bells, lights and the toilet had a tree hanging upside down from the light and was flashing blue lights, just stunning. The last room we went into was a bedroom and santa was asleep in bed and he was snoring.  His santa suit was hanging on the door.  It was truely amazing and we will take the other boys through there before Xmas and I will take the camera next time. 

Michelle Frisby would just love it in there……LOL!! It is so you Michelle so I promise I will take photos and put on my blog for you. 

Well better go

Till tomorrow




Comments on: "Update" (3)

  1. Wow – that unexpected present just finished your day didn’t it! Might have to have a trip and see the Pooh Bear house though.

  2. Yay for surprise presents. Sounds like an awesome day and can’t wait to see pics of the Pooh Bear Christmas house!

  3. LOL – laughed at you my friend … and you are SO RIGHT – I WOULD LOVE IT – BIG TIME!!!!

    Look forward to seeing your pics buddy!!!!

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