What a day….

Well today has been a wonderful day.  Vicki took me out to lunch and we had a great time. First thing this morning we went to a closing down sale and spent a bit.  Then headed back to Vicki’s place for a bit and then just after 12pm we went to Northwood for lunch.  Vicki gave me a present which was lovely and it’s all pretty and in pink.  And it’s a ‘Just ‘cos’ present.  Isn’t that just so cool. 

I have found a wonderful friend in Vicki and the best part is I found her on SE forum….LOL!! Vicki, I had a wonderful day today and I want to thank you very much for today. I had a great time and so did Noah. Isn’t it amazing the friends you make through scrapbooking. May our friendship last forever.

Thanks again Vicki


Well better go, just getting in this post before midnight….lol!


Till tomorrow




Comments on: "What a day…." (2)

  1. Yay! Go SE!! You’re welcome.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day! What a sweet friend Vicki is to give you that gorgeous gift.

    Yay for internet friends – I have made several very close friend that way. And of course SE is particularly full of lovely people 😉

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