Craft day

Well today has been a very busy day with lots of crafts and scrapbooking going on.  Today I went down to the boys school and helped with Xmas crafts in Leigh’s class. I had 60 kids to show what we were doing and I got to sit in the teachers chair.  They all had fun and were asking lots of questions and I need this and I need that…..LOL!  Noah came with me and had fun running in and out of the class room with the kids.  Then Leigh got told by one of his teachers that he could take two of his friends and Noah and play in the playground, so he took his two mates, Reuben and Ethan and went and played during class time.  The 3 of them thought that was the best..

 The class that Leigh is in has 30 kids and the class next door has 30 kids as well. Last term the 2 classes became one. They are trying a new way of teaching called team teaching (I think that’s what it’s called). There are alot of mothers at school that don’t like it and can’t understand why the school are doing it but Leigh seems to be doing ok and I have spoken to him about it and he is fine with it. To be honest there are bigger things to be worried about that joining two classes as one. There are so many mothers at the school that need to get a life.  Nothing better to do than moan about every little thing.  As long as the kids are coping with the change (which they all seem to be) then get over it.  Anyway that is my little moan about it.  LOL!!

I had crop at home here tonight, only a few ladies and this is the last one till the new year.  Over the Xmas break a class timetable will get sorted and a kids holiday programme is being done this week and in the school news letter next week before the kids finish for the year. 

We aren’t going away for the holidays due to having a few to many kids…..ROFLMAO!!!!And Daniel and Cameron are heading north for time with their grandparents.  Staying around home spending time with the boys and hanging at the beach.  Neil spoke to his mum tonight as they are heading down this way in about 6 weeks. Will be great to see them, just hope Neils dad is ok to travel then. He had his hip operation a couple of days ago. He seams to be doing ok.  Neil is a little sad he can’t see his dad at this time but he is going to give him a call tomorrow night. 

Well it’s late

Till tomorrow



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  1. Wow, you’ve been super busy!! Glad to hear the crafts went well.

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