Day 11

Well today is day 11 of my 31 days of blogging and it seems to be going ok. Don’t have anything exciting to say due to posting everyday but I’m not giving up.  Just hope I don’t put everyone off reading my blog due to me blogging about nothing much at all….LOL!!

The weather here in Christchurch got to 32 degrees today.  I like sun but NOT that much…LOL! It is still so hot here inside the house that the boys are sweating.  So they are outside in Noah’s little pool.  Noah was playing outside in the pool today as well and he had some much fun. This summer with the boys is going to be fun.  There is a pool just up the road from us and we will be paying it a visit from time to time over the summer.  And the beach at Sumner is good to go to so we plan on taking all the boys there. 

I have been busy making gifts still today trying to get them all finished to get out this week.  But with the weather making the house so hot I have been outside with Noah.  Making little santa suit bags to put lollies in for a few gifts.  They are very cool and will add a photo of them once finished.  I saw the idea on the internet and I have the template so thought they would make perfect gifts. 

Well better go

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "Day 11" (1)

  1. Sure was hot – today not a great deal better just muggy. Now lets see your Santa Suit lolly bags!

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