My day!

Today I have been busy making a few things for presents and wrapping a few presents and putting them under the tree.   I have been busy making something for Day 11 of the 12 days of Xmas over on my other blog. So that will go up in the morning.  Everyone seems to be enjoying the 12 days of Xmas.  It has been alot of fun doing it and helping everyone get into the Xmas mood. 

I have just about finished Day 12 which will be a RAK to someone. Over the last 12 days who ever left a comment will go into the draw to win it.  That will go up on Wednesday morning.  So don’t forget to check back in tomorrow and Wednesday.

Wednesday is the day that I head down to Leigh’s class to make Xmas crafts with the kids.  Just getting everything together for that now……well after blogging….LOL!! Noah is coming along for the afternoon when we do the crafts so that should be fun…. he will make a mess more than make something, but that’s cool.  Must remember to take the camera as that would make a great layout. 

My little ratbag……..NOAH!

Today I was sorting the washing out and Jarrod, Leigh and Noah were playing outside and my little ratbag came inside and picked up my tin of Maya Road scrolls and took them outside and threw them in his pool.  I didn’t see him came inside and get the tin but saw him take them out side but didn’t think he would throw them in his pool….then while I was out (Neil at home) Noah then took the home phone and threw that in his pool.  He laughed and laughed and laughed and all we could do was laugh with him…..LOL! Just as well we have another phone. 

Well better go

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "My day!" (3)

  1. Hehehe, what a little monkey! You’ll have to let us know if wet chipboard scrolls are able to be salvaged?! Perhaps if you put them in the oven for a few minutes they might revive themselves? As for the phone … not so sure!

  2. Tanya I had to grab Richard before he left for work and tell him that we are not the only ones that have a little ratbag that does things like this! I am sorry I had to have a little laugh as Noah sounds just like David!

  3. Oh dear – whats going in the pool next??? That is so funny.

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