Our Xmas BBQ

Well yesterday was a hit with everyone, well I hope so.  Neil and I spent all day getting ready for the BBQ and of course Noah’s 2nd birthday party.  I went off shopping yesterday morning to get the last min things, ie Noah’s birthday cake and the food for the BBQ.  I was going to make Noah a birthday cake but as Noah loves Ice Cream (just like his Dad) we brought him a Ice Cream cake from the supermarket.  It went down a treat with everyone.  Noah had 2 scoops……LOL!! Little piggy!

Everything was great, the kids did a treasure hunt and lolly scrumble, had Noah’s pool to play in and a water slide.  It was really windy here yesterday and got cold later on but that didn’t stop the kids going on the water slide at 8pm last night. 

Noah got lots of presents which he loves to bits. He lies on the floor playing with them all. 

When all the kids arrived they had some party food and Noah found he likes jelly beans so he picked all of them out of the lolly bowl….LOL!

The day was great and I so look forward to this every year as this is our Xmas day with all our friends. There were lots of laughs and screams (happy screams from the kids), just a fun day. A few of our friends couldn’t make it as they had other outings to go to but will catch up with them soon.  The last lot of people to leave left about 10.15pm last night and I was so tired I went straight to bed. A very busy day and I slept all night. 

Well better go, have heaps to do this afternoon

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "Our Xmas BBQ" (4)

  1. Thanks Tanya and Neil for including us in your circle of friends this year for Christmas and Noahs birthday. He did have a great time didn’t he. So did we and Aaron was absolutely had it by the time we got home!

  2. Sounds like you all had a cracker day … pics look wonderful and I’m sure that it won’t be to long before we see some super duper layouts. Laughed at the comment on the jelly beans.

  3. Sounds like a fantastic party!! 🙂

  4. Sounds like an awesome birthday party & bbq! So glad that Noah had such a wonderful time!

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