I’m still not feeling a 100% today but a little better than yesterday.  Looked after my friends wee girl this morning which was nice, but little girls aren’t like little boys…..LOL!!! Man she can talk……Noah does talk but not as much as her, but she is just beautiful and it was nice to sit and play dolls for a morning……LOL!! And yes everything was pink.

In some ways I wish I had a wee girl to dress up but in some ways I’m glad of our 5 boys.  Boys are soooooo much easier than girls and I would so hate it if I did have a girl she would be so like me…..LOL!! Hang on – Jarrod is my girl, he is so like me it isn’t funny. But I love him anyway. I just think having a girl it would be worst. I know what I was like at his age and NOW!

I wanted to share with you all, I found this forum on the internet and at this time of the year it comes in handy. I have found some very cool things on there so go check it out……


 Anyway I have a birthday cake to make for some little 2 year old so better go,

Till tomorrow



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