Another post

Well I am posting this early as I have a very busy day on Saturday with our Xmas BBQ and Noah’s 2nd birthday party.  This isn’t going to be a long post but it’s a post for my month of December challenge.

Tomorrow I’m off out shopping to do the last minute things for the party. I still haven’t had time to make the cake so off out to buy one….LOL! Just ran out of time this week.  Last year Noah’s first birthday was at the teddy factory and his party was a teddy party and I got him a huge teddy balloon face full of helium. We kept it and today I got it filled up  again for his party.  He just loves it and wants to play with it as Noah loves balloons. 

Leigh and I blow up some balloons tonight and put up the Happy Birthday sign on the wall. I have set the table with party plates, cups and hats already for tomorrow. Just hope Noah doesnt’ want his breakfast from them…..LOL!

Well it’s now 11.56pm on Friday night and I need sleep for the big day, don’t want to fell asleep on our guests tomorrow….LOL!

Till Sunday



Comments on: "Another post" (2)

  1. Hope the party goes well and that you’re feeling better now. Fingers crossed for nice weather! It looks good here so I hope it’s nice down there too.

    Happy Birthday Noah!

  2. Hope you are feeling better today – you should really kick those nasty germie things from here to Timbuktoo you realise …

    Enjoy your big day, hope the weather treats you kindly.

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