Happy Birthday Noah

My baby turned the BIG 02 today…..LOL!!  ( Meg will understand the 02 bit )ROFLMAO!!!!.  He is 2 today.  Here are some photos of this morning.

This is Neil reading Noah the card that Jarrod made him, it reads:

To Noah

Happy birthday I hope u have a good day and get some cool toys

I love you and u rock and sometimes ROLL, LOL

From loving brother



And Leigh’s card is much the same.  Isn’t that so sweet.  Jarrod and Leigh really love Noah and care so much about him. 

This last photo Noah and the boys are waving to the music that is playing from the Bob the builder tool belt.  Noah is really funny as he waves at just about everything.  When music plays he always waves. It is so funny and makes us laugh everytime. 

This is for you Noah, Happy birthday my baby, You are a real joy to have around and Mummy and Daddy and all the boys love you with all our hearts. You mean the world to us all and we have enjoyed the last year with you from your 1st birthday and may the next year be just as great. 


Well better go

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "Happy Birthday Noah" (4)

  1. Happy Birthday Noah!! So lovely that his brothers love him so much and made such special cards.

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday Noah.I bet you had the best day.

  3. What a fabulous photo with Dad and didn’t the boys do well with their cards.

  4. Happy birthday wee man …

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