Star Books and more

OMG!! I am posting again….LOL!

Ok, I have been making these little star books for friends for Xmas so thought I would show you all and I have made them into kits with instructions if anyone wants to buy one then send me and email at

and I will send you the details, bank account, cost etc. They make great gifts for Xmas or even just a special Xmas card. 

Xmas Star Book

Star Book kit

Included in the kit is gold paper, red, cream and green cardstock, 2 gold discs and some gold ribbon and the instructions on how to put it together.  This star book is using the Rollabind system to hold book together. 


On other news:

Today Neil and I aren’t feeling that flash, both very tired as Noah was up screaming most of the night.  Not sure what his problem was but he sure wasn’t great at 2am this morning.  He is now asleep and I hope he stays there for a while. And Neil has gone back to bed while I am up as I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Today is a lazy day for us today,  I’m trying to catch up on a few things, ironing, housework, sorting kids toys while they are at their Dad’s…LOL! I so love Sundays as we just vege out at home doing what we want to do. 

Well better go and do the rest of the ironing while Noah is asleep.

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "Star Books and more" (3)

  1. Great wee book, Tanya! Cute idea!

    Sorry about your broken night of sleep – I hope you can catch up at some point!

  2. These are great. Like Hannah I am so sorry for your broken nights sleep. I hope you have managed to have a nice lazy day and that Noah is okay!

  3. Well I certainly hope that the wee man is now running on all cylinders and continues to sleep the night away instead of waking the household up … poor wee man …

    And of course it goes without saying … you two need your sleep as well – lol!

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