My month of blogging starts

Well I did say that I was going to blog everyday in the month of December so here goes.  It might not be anything exciting but I will post everyday.  This is just something I want to try and do for myself. 

Well today Neil and I (along with help from Noah) put up our Xmas trees. The whole month of December Xmas starts in our house.  We always put up our trees on 1st December as this is something I have always done and always did as a child.  Jarrod and Leigh missed out helping this year as they are at their Dad’s this weekend.  But they can help put it away on 31st December….LOL!

My trees are in gold and cream with clear lights and looks great at night time.  Jarrod, Leigh and Noah have their own decorations that go on the tree every year. And the best part for me is wrapping the gifts to match the tree…..LOL!!!!  Gold and cream wrapping with gold and cream ribbon. 

Every year since the boys started school I go down a couple of weeks out from finishing school and help make Xmas crafts.  Last year in Leigh’s class we all made snow globes and the kids just loved it.  Not sure what we are doing this year as I have to come up with something……Note to self, must get onto it.  

Just been out today and brought Noah a birthday present as he turns the BIG 2 on Wednesday. He loves Bob the builder so we brought him a Bob hat and tool set.  And I will go out next week and get him a pool shell from the plastic box.  He loves water so thought that would be a great thing to get.  On Saturday 8th December we are having our Xmas BBQ  and Noah’s party together.  Should be a fun day. This year we are going to put the water slide out the back for the kids and Noah’s pool for the little kids.  Just hope it’s a nice day for it.

Well better leave some things for tomorrow….

1 down 30 to go…..LOL!!!!

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "My month of blogging starts" (2)

  1. Wow, I’m not that organised – being colour co-ordinated that is. Just wondering how many trees you have!!! Bet Noah loves it.

  2. Yay way to go Tanya! I would love to be that co-ordinated and each year i think next year but something always comes up.

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