My trip to Invercargill

Well I am home from Invercargill and it is nice to be home but the kids were fighting when they picked me up from the airport so that was nice to come home to…NOT!!

Anyway…..I left here Friday morning and headed to Invercargill for the weekend to catch up with Meg and some of the girls from Scrapbook Essentials forum.  I stay with Meg and Aaron (thanks guys for having me).  Millie, Paige and Max are so cool. Millie and Paige asked me lots and lots of questions. Paige asked me if I had my PJ’s in my bag and if I was sleeping over…..LOL! Was very cute. 

 Michelle came and picked me up from Meg’s place and took me out to her house for a few hours which was lovely. Michelle’s scrapping room is FULL of stuff….LOL!  Thanks Michelle for the great night.

We had the crop on the Saturday which turned out great. Michelle, Julie and Sue from the forum were there along with Megan H, Julie’s daughter Ashleigh and another Tanya were also there.  Was a good day of cropping, not that I did alot.  It was nice to have time out and also get to know Meg a little better to.  After everyone left on Saturday night Meg and I kept on scrapbooking till 2am then thought it was a good time to go to bed. 

Then Sunday we  just hang out until I had to be a the airport.  The weather in Invercargill was windy when I left and thought to myself that the take off would be a bit of a worry but it was just fine. It was the landing in Christchurch that was scary.  It was really windy in Christchurch yesterday when I flew in.  I was holding the seat in front of me and so was the guy sitting next to me.  My stomach wasn’t feeling flash after that.  Just glad to get off the plane really…LOL!

On other news

Jarrod went on camp today with his class to Hamner Springs and comes home on Wednesday.  YAHOO!! 3 days without him…joking! I will miss him, I always do. But he so couldn’t wait to go and didn’t really say goodbye to me at school.  Spoke to his teacher and told him to please please please look after my baby…he laughed at me.

Also Leigh had his class day camp today. Year 3’s go on a day camp to prep them for year 4’s camp to Living Springs.  He had fun but he is now asleep in the lounge. Just a bit tired me thinks. 

Well better go

Till next time



Comments on: "My trip to Invercargill" (4)

  1. Sounds like a great weekend, Tanya! You must have had a blast.

    Oooh, school camp … I guess I’ll have to be thinking about that in a couple of years time! Gulp! I’d be saying the same thing “look after my baby” so you’re not alone there! I’m sure he’ll have a great time.

  2. Sounds like you had a scrapping good time in Invergiggle!
    Loved the wee video that’s on Meg’s blog – next time you’ll have to get her in front of the camera!

  3. It was great to have our chat yesterday and like I said then sounds like an awesome weekend away! Can’t wait to meet the southern girls!

  4. Sounds like some fun times were had in Invers.

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