It’s that time of year

It’s that time of year where everyone is busy with social outings, christmas shopping etc.  We are the same here and some days I’m not sure how I do it.  I have so much to do and not sure how I’m going to do it with 5 boys to keep an eye on. This weekend Neil is off on a fishing trip with the guys from his work.  Sleeping on boats and drinking…..NOT sure if that is a good idea but they are  grown men and I’m sure they can deal with it.  The more Neil tells me the more I’m glad I’m not going…..LOL!!! Neil told me last night that each worker has a dozen cans per day they are on the trip,  I can just see it now, hanging over the side of the boat, not a good look.

 Anyway I have all the boys this weekend so not sure if I will get anything done but do plan to take the boys out for an afternoon.  Not sure at this stage where or what we will do but might just ask them what they want to do.  Don’t think 5 boys will want to go shopping, nails, hair, makeup thing……do u?  LOL!!!  It soooooo sucks that I’m the only girl in the house. 

Been busy working with crops etc and trying to finish my xmas card order we do every year and we have finished them the other night.  We had to do 375 this year and it took Neil and I 2 weekends to do them and a few nights in between.  My list of things to do is long but the cards was a major but all done now. 

On Friday 23th November I am flying to Invercargill and staying with Meg and Aaron for the weekend.  As Meg puts it, I booked my tickets and then told her I was coming on down, she is right……ROFLMAO!!!!!!! But she did know I was coming at some stage.  Meg has planned for a crop at her house for the Saturday night while I’m there.  Should be a fun weekend. 

Well better go, have something planned for Vicki today.  I can’t say as yet as I know she reads my blog. Sorry Vicki, LOL!!!

Till next time



Comments on: "It’s that time of year" (4)

  1. Wow – I hope they have at least one sober (boat) driver!! Yikes!

    I hope you manage to find somewhere to go and something to do with 5 boys that is enjoyable for you also! I guess I’m in a similar position, being the only girl, I won’t be able to get my boys to come to the beauty parlour or clothes shopping with me! They don’t mind coming to the hairdresser with me but I’m sure that novelty will wear off as they get older, LOL!

  2. Ha – you are so funny. Not much fishing going to be happening is there – more like feeding the fish than in catching them. YUK! And yeah right, can just see you along for the ride – you would be in the dinghy at the back rowing real fast in the opposite direction. BIG thanks for my day out.

  3. Thinking to myself … yep the guys are going to be feeding the big fish over the side … good luck to them!!!

    And so what did you girls get up to today then???

    Good luck with the boys and your outing this weekend.

  4. OMG I am just picturing their weekend now and I think there ar def going to be some very sore heads and stomachs…

    I so love what you did for Vicki, you are such a great friend.

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