Look what happened at our house tonight…….


The wind tonight was so bad one of the branches split.  This is the second branch to go this year.  This is the tree the boys love to climb and they were so shocked when we showed them what happened. 

 Anyway, just a very short post from me so till next time



Comments on: "LOOK!!!!" (5)

  1. Wow!!! Those winds have been quite fierce, haven’t they? Although I think you guys have had stronger winds than we’ve had up here. We lost our fence a few months ago in that big Auckland storm and a couple of branches off our grapefruit tree.

  2. Gosh that’s pretty drastic, must say I was waiting for something like that to happen here but thankfully not this time. I hope it wasn’t the boys favourite climbing branch 🙂

  3. Think of all that fruit that you won’t have to pick up!!! LOL.

  4. Hey you”ve changed it again. I must say I really like this template.

  5. the wind has been wicked here as well and still no let up. we lost part of the carport roof :o(
    but the kids get a odd kind of shocked awe when they see damage dome by wind dont they.

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