Long Weekend!

Well our weekend has been great.  We have stayed home all weekend doing things around the house.  We have been having time with Noah as the boys were with their Dad all weekend.  For us that was great…..LOL!!!

I would have normally been at work all weekend but NOT now.  So to have the weekend with Neil and Noah was great.  I got to play with Noah and I loved it.  I have missed so much over the last 4 months working full time.  Jarrod and Leigh have been showing  Noah how to jump up and down on the tramp and he just loves it.  Here  are some photos of Noah on the tramp yesterday. 

Just looking at the photos and yes Noah is still in his PJ’s in the middle of the day…LOL!!! The weather here over the weekend has been fab, lovely and warm and perfect for outside play. 

I have been trying to sort my life after last weeks dramas and things are in the pipe line for me and I am so looking forward to getting on with it.  Can’t tell you all yet what it is but will let you all know soon. It’s very cool and exciting.  

Well that’s it for now, must go and scrap something. So

till next time



Comments on: "Long Weekend!" (3)

  1. Neat pics of the wee man himself … you just have to be around to lift him up and lift him off … lol.

    Look after yourself my friend.

  2. I just love these pics of Noah – handsome wee man…

    Good luck with everything hon and remember take time for yourself as well.

  3. Cute! And love the look of that bright blue sky … bring on summer!

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