Well, where do I start. 

Last Friday morning was rushed as to take the boys to school and then off to my first class at 9am with Chris Millar doing the Rockin Roxie layout with SBO.   I love the layout that I did as it was pink…LOL!  Chris Millar was lovely and a great tutor.  I haven’t finished my layout as yet,  it just needs the sequins around the stitching. We used this really cool stuff called Opal dust.  Love it, had to buy it…LOL!!! 

My next class was the boys mini album with SBO DT member Rachel.  I never got it finished as it took a while to do what we did get done.  Is a very cool little book.  Then I had an hour to shop and have lunch before my last class for the day. I caught up with Vicki in between my classes to see what she had been up to. Then she left and I headed to my last class.   The class was meant to be a Rhonna Farrer Christmas layout but the product didn’t arrive in time so we did a different layout.  Here is what we did…..

Ok, I know it is the same photo as the one above but I like the photo and its a nice one so I have used it twice…..LOL!!! The girls on Saturday night were giving me heaps as I use this photo alot.  They all think its funny….. hahaha

I like the different techniques that we learnt with this layout, very cool. Will use them again for sure. Then after my class Michelle, Lynda and myself went to Westfields to have some dinner, then headed to my house to pick up my scrapping stuff for the crop at SENZ.  Here is a photo of us girls that did go. 

From left to right…

Judy (Vicki’s friend) Vicki, Me, Michelle and Lynda.

Didn’t get home till around midnight as I dropped Lynda to her motel and Michelle off at her sisters house.  Was so tired and slept really well. Then off to SENZ again on Saturday morning to help out on the gate.  Fiona called us ‘Pink ladies’ as we got to wear pink aprons.  I wanted to keep my pink apron but they wouldn’t let me….LOL!

I also helped out on Sunday for an hour to.  Then I was off to my one class for Saturday which was the Totally toby class with Chris Millar with SBO.  Very cool layout and great for photos of the boys.

After my class I did a make and take with SBO which was very cool. Then I waited for Lynda to finish a class and then off to work for the crop with the forum girls from SE. I also had to work as work was open until 10pm that night.  It was so cool to meet Michelle (mich) from the SE forum.  I’m really sorry Michelle I didn’t know who you were….. She doesn’t look like her photo on the forum.  It was a very cool night. We all had Thai for dinner and then we had black forest chocolate cake and coffee.  We had some extras for the night which were Julie and Gayes friends.  Michelle and Susan from the forum couldn’t make it as Susan had a headache.  We had photos taken and there was one that isn’t going on here, that’s for sure……..LOL!!!! But here is a good one

From back left

Gaye, Michelle, Tracy, Michelle, Lynda, Vicki, Me and Julie. 

We all left the shop around 11.30pm and I took Lynda back to her motel and got to bed around 12.30am. 

Then back at SENZ for my last class on Sunday morning at 9am with Kerrin Quall. Tin album with a twist.  Kerrin is one great tutor and a lovely person to go with it.  We got to have a look at her layouts which were stunning.  Michelle, Michelle and I got to have our photo taken with her.

The tin album we did is just so cool, here is a photo of the tin but I need to add photos to it. The photos are to be very small and you stick them to the ribbon and then it all sits inside the tin, Very cool!!!!

Then after my class I did more shopping and then said my good byes to everyone and I headed home. Once I got home I went to bed for an hour or two. Very tired but an awesome weekend. Well, I’m tired just doing this long post so I’m off to bed.

 Till next time



Comments on: "SENZ South is over…Warning, long post ahead…..LOL!" (7)

  1. Not surprised you are tired. Hadn’t seen your tin – it looks great. It sure was a busy weekend and thanks for a great Saturday night. (Not a double chin in sight!!! LOL)

  2. Wow, sounds like a great weekend!! I love all the layouts and projects you’ve done, and it’s always nice to catch up with online friends.

  3. Hi! Stumbled across your blog through another blog. Thanks for coming to my classes and so glad to hear you enjoyed them! Love the finished results here! You had such a full weekend! Thanks for the swap pin also!

  4. Wow – gidday my friend … gotta love all that creativity … woo hoo … it all rocks …

    Yep, it was a full on weekend and I really did blob on Monday. It was great tho – an awesome weekend.

  5. Hi ya Tanya
    Yip will get round to changing my photo at some point! Am going on the Scrap retreat to Qtown so hopefully you’ll recognise me this time – LOL!
    Love your layouts that you completed! And that tin looks great!

  6. Have to say I love your R/F class layout the best…. maybe thats because I’m a bit biased, being your tutor an all!!!!! LOL . Glad you and many others had a great weekend, roll on SENZ Wgtn 2008. PS Would you mind sending me a copy of the pink ladies photo?

  7. Wow they all looked really great Tanya! That photo of you is really nice!! It really looks like the weekend was a blast!

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