Kids Scrapbooking classes

Over the holidays we are running a holiday programme at work for the kids.  And as I don’t have a babysitter for Jarrod and Leigh in the holidays or more to the fact it will cost more than my wages for someone to have them as well as Noah the boys are coming into work with me everyday.  Leigh is happy to do  the kids classes but Jarrod has something to say about it. 

Today Leigh did this layout which he had fun doing.

 Leigh needed a little help from me but over all he did it himself.  Tomorrow’s class ( Wednesday ) is a Xmas wish list box. Which the kids can write down want they want from Santa and put it in the box and hang from the tree.  It is very cool. Will take photo of it and post on here tomorrow. 

With this class that Leigh did I also have 3 others in the class which was great as they were all ages and they all have fun doing it.  I so love the teaching side of my job. It is alot of fun and to sit and play with cardboard and getting paid to do it is just the best…..ROFLMAO!!!!!!

Well it’s late and have a 12 hour day tomorrow at work so better go and get some sleep.

Till next time



Comments on: "Kids Scrapbooking classes" (5)

  1. Wow Tanya, Leigh’s layout is very cool.I love the colours.Great photo’s too.

  2. hey you got rid of the pink? SOunds like the class went well. The wish list project sounds like fun.

  3. Great layout, Leigh! Sounds like you are enjoying teaching the classes, hope it continues to go smoothly for the rest of the hols.

  4. What happened to the pink? I missed that one – am not used to you blogging everyday!!! LOL. Great LO Leigh.

  5. Well done Leigh, your layout rocks!!!

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