Having a wee play with my blog

Trying to update my blog and instead I’m playing with the template.  I really wanted a PINK one and I now have one….LOL!  The template isn’t really what I wanted but it will do. 

I have been busy today doing the boring stuff around the house, cleaning.  It has taking me all day and I haven’t finished as yet.  Lots of cleaning like cleaning walls down from top to bottom, behind bookshelfs and beds, pulled the washing machine and the freezer out and cleaned behind them as well and then the dusting etc.  I didn’t get any scrapbooking done but the house is clean.  I will be able to scrap tomorrow at work. 

As it is the school holidays we are running kids classes at work everyday over the next two weeks so that should be fun. Jarrod and Leigh are coming into work over the holidays and Leigh is happy to be able to do some scrapbooking but Jarrod isn’t that happy.  Must find some photos for Leigh to do the layout we are doing tomorrow.  Hopefully Leigh will do it so can upload to here tomorrow. 

 Well better go, sorry it’s a short post but it’s a post after all….LOL! 

Till tomorrow



Comments on: "Having a wee play with my blog" (2)

  1. it is pink indeed 🙂 hey that was spring clenaing you did….go you!! Have fun with the boys over the school holidays. Sounds like Leigh will have a blast lol. Hmm so how will Jarrod cope?? lol I bet once he gets there he will have a blast.

  2. yep its pink – lol.
    and well done on being a better blogger – I often check in- well i made a deal with myself to blog at least once a week and I do the rounds of all the blogs i read at least once a week. i found I was spending way to much time on the computer and not enough time scrapbooking :o)

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