Today was one of my days off work but I so love my job I had to go in…LOL!  And on my way into the shop I ran in to Mrs Frizz’s sister, Tracy…..HI Tracy…(WAVING). Tracy told me today she looks at my blog everyday to see if I have updated it.  SO here we are.  I have been told by alot of people they read my blog but there doesn’t seem to be alot of comments


if you leave me a comment I will put everyone into a draw and I will get one of my boys to pick a winner.  I just want to know who reads my blog……LOL! I brought some of the new papers that we got in at work so will send someone a nice wee pack of goodies.  We got instore Jenni Bowlin, Paper Trunk, Cherry Arte and Tinkering Inks new christmas papers.  Look forward to reading your comments, 

Till next time (sooner, rather than later)LOL!!!!!!



Comments on: "OK!!! I know I’m a slack blogger…." (11)

  1. Hi Tanya, I read your blog every time it pops up in my bloglines. So glad you are enjoying your work – what a perfect job! Have a great weekend!

  2. well I have you on bloglines so I dont have to come here everyday looking to see if its been updated, cos bloglines tells me when you have…..saves so much time….would recommend this to others.

  3. You know I read your blog, because I comment!! :-0
    Also agree with Janine about Bloglines … such a great invention!!

  4. I read it too! (User of bloglines here too.) I had noticed you’d been a tad quiet lately!

  5. And another blogliner here lol. Love reading your blog then I can pass on any news to you cuz.

  6. Told you I would comment so here I am. Besides I get any news faster by seeing you in person!!!! LOL

  7. I read your blog too when it pops up in my list. Glad to hear things are going well with you. The layouts you have been doing in the S.E challenge have been great, keep up the great work.

  8. I have you on bloglines as well, so i always read your updated posts….lol

  9. Guilty – I pop in daily, you do stunning work, so I pop in to get inspired :o)

  10. Hi Tanya.Not long to Senz now.Yippee

  11. Well you know I come and pay a visit … don’t know anything about this bloglines bit tho … and yep, not long to go until SENZ now …

    See you in a couple of weeks my friend …

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