Layout using no photos

Just thought I would share.  Over at SE last weeks challenge was to do a layout using no photos so I did this layout below.  One day Neil wrote a letter to me and posted it in the mail.  I really enjoyed doing this layout and was different for me to do as I have never done a layout with no photos. 

This comp is getting harder and harder for me to do as I have so much on at the moment with work and family so not sure if I can stay in the comp but will try my hardest to get every week done.  This weeks challenge is Black and white and I have really stepped outside the square with this one.  When I started it I didn’t like it and put it to the side and then came back to it and it is coming together…..well sort off..LOL!  Will share my layout next week. 


 On another note……….Last week I took Noah to have his very first hair cut at the hairdressers.  He screamed and screamed as he didn’t like the chair or the cape around his neck. So the hair dresser took the cape off then started cutting his hair and he started to get covered in his hair so I put the cape back on.  He had hair in his mouth (while still screaming) I didn’t get alot of photos due to me having to hold him on the chair.  No a good look me taking photos of him felling off the chair….LOL!

Here are some photos of my wee guy having his first hair cut……



He sooooo didn’t like it, as you can all see………LOL!  He looks so much better. His hair was so long it hang in his eyes and he didn’t like it.  I didn’t want to get his hair cut until he was 2 but Noah has hair like mine, alot of it and very thick.  So I didn’t have a choice. 

Well better go, have alot to do today so till next time



Comments on: "Layout using no photos" (4)

  1. Your “no photo” layout is fantastic, and very special that you scrapped a letter from Neil. I love that idea. I have some letters from Rob and I will have to scrap those.

    Poor Noah! So sorry that he didn’t like getting his hair cut! He really does look very unhappy! But you are brave getting those photos regardless, I think it will be cute to look back on when he’s older (and no longer cries at the hairdresser’s LOL)

  2. Your layout is beautiful Tanya and Neil’s letter is so cool.

    Eeeek at Noah’s haircut.He does look so cute.

    When Max had his first haircut the hairdresser ended up letting him stand at the toy box.He didn’t cry,he just wouldn’t keep still.

    Great photo’s.We do have to scrap the rough times too.LOL.

  3. Loved your layout Tanya … it was gorgeous.

    Noah has grown up, big time and he looks a handsome wee man sporting his new hair cut … not a fun time for you or the wee man by the sounds of things … look forward to seeing the layout tho.

  4. Oh heck – poor wee Noah!!!! That first cut can be awful, my sister cut Josef’s while he was watching tv – he didn’t even notice – LOL! Next time will be better hopefully – esp if like you say he has thick hair!
    your layout is beautiful! I found that challenge particularly hard as I really don’t scrap no photos!

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