Well back on 21st July Meg over at SE put up this contest to find the Ultimate Champion in scrapbooking.  So I put my name down for it and decided to give it ago.  We had a warm up challenge and we are now up to our 3rd week.  I have finished my layout for this week which was to use NO photo’s.  I have never done a layout without a photo before so this was something different for me but I loved doing it. Was fun to do. 

 Here are the layouts for the warm up challenge and the last two weeks, sorry can’t add this weeks one until after Wednesday. 




I love all my layouts so far and some are outside the square for me and this contest has push my limits but I so need it.  I like the topics for the contest as some are things I wouldn’t normally scrap so this is just great. I wonder what lies ahead for everyone doing the contest and sometimes it scares me to look every Wednesday to see what Meg has in store for us all. 

Just want to say good luck to everyone doing the contest and give it your all. We are all winners at the end of the day. 

Well better go, things to do so till next time



Comments on: "Scrapbook Essentials Ultimate Champion Contest" (5)

  1. It’s a fun contest so far, isn’t it? I love the whole concept of doing something in a big group of scrapping buddies, and all of us scrapping the same thing, with a deadline. The deadlines are just so me!! LOL 😉
    Can’t wait to see next weeks’ layouts – they should be very interesting!

  2. I just loved that lo you completed of girl in the mirror – its quite a touching lol really, very intimate and special.
    The contest has been a lot of fun – very very challenging – LOL!!!

  3. Mrs Frizz said:

    Awesome layouts my friend, brilliant!

    Look forward to seeing your latest creativity with the next round.

  4. The challenge each week is great isn’t.Your “Girl in the Mirror” is very clever.

  5. Tanya – it’s so nice to see just a few layouts at a time – and not just be overwhelmed by the gorgeousness of them en masse!

    I really really REALLY love the one of the girl in the mirror. Love how you used the shaped paper – and just the whole thing really 😆

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