I haven’t updated my blog for a while now. Does that make me a bad blogger?  I have been so busy with work I haven’t had time to do alot else.  My job is going really well and love being in the job I have. Can be a little stressful being the boss but by the end of the day I still love the job and want to go back, so can’t be to bad….LOL!

 A few hassles this week with the scrapbooking world and this has made me feel angry.  Will be sorted by the end of the week. Hopefully!!! Can’t believe this has happened and can’t believe the person involved would have done that but I should have known as that is what she is like.  I know this person reads my blog and all I can say is what goes around comes around. I’m not a negative person but this has made me soooo angry. There are alot of nasty people out there and this person is one of them. 

 Enough said!

We are all sick in our house, Noah, Jarrod and I have the flu.  Been to the doctor yesterday and there isn’t alot the doc can do.  Just need to say inside in the warm.  My nanny isn’t well today so I’m at home working today and get to spend the day with my wee man.  I am loving it!  Having two parents working full time is hard for the kids somethings but the boys are happy as they know it makes life easier . 

Louise and I are off to Bannockburn scrap camp next Thursday for 4 days.  So looking forward to it, to have a break and to sit and scrap what I want instead of layouts for work. Just trying to sort photos and everything else to take.  The last camp I went on in March it was sooooo HOT I hated it.  This time it is going to be soooo COLD.  Might have to look at getting some chains for the drive there.  Just hope it doesn’t snow and snow us in.  That would be soooo funny….LOL!

Well better go and do some work…..

Till next time



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  1. Wow Tanya, I’m not sure what has happened to upset you but it sounds like you’ve been on the receiving end of something most unfair, and that’s not cool. I hope things will be sorted out … (HUGS)

    Sorry to hear about your sick household! I know how you feel, it’s the same at my place, I am the only one not sick!! Ugh! Hope your family are feeling better again real soon.

  2. Oh, and have fun at Bannockburn!! 🙂

  3. Hope whatever is going on in the scrap world sorts itself out and yep karma is a bitch.
    Hope you all get better soon. Not fun being sick.
    But sounds like work is going well and that is good to hear.
    Enjoy scrap camp.

  4. Sorry to hear that someone has upset you …. and yep, karma will deal to that person eventually.

    I hope your family get’s better soon, this is a terrible time of year for bugs.

    Have fun at scrapcamp.

  5. Enjoy scrapcamp!!Keep warm.

    I hope your family is feeling better soon.

    Keep smiling.Their loss.

  6. Hope you all get better soon Tanya. I am excited to hear you are loving your job still, thats awesome and am stoked for you. Just a question does your shop have a website and do they sell cricut cartridges, our local shop has them all on backorder. I so belive in karma and what goes round comes round.

  7. Mrs Frizz said:

    It’s wonderful that you have a job that you enjoy and come on, let’s face it – I could handle going to work every day to scrap and be creative with a little paper, throw in some adhesive, paint and embellishments. Hey, what’s not to love about that …

    As for the scrapping world nastiness – that doesn’t sound quite so flash …

    Hope the sickness has now done a runner … take care.

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