Exciting News!

Just have to share.  Over the last few weeks alot has happened at work.  I have been made the manager at my work (The Scrapbook Company) here in Christchurch.  I am so happy and just love it sooooo much.  I can’t wait to go to work but then I don’t want to go home….lol!  I have done alot of hours and alot more to come but that’s cool.  Trying to get sorted for the school holiday classes which should be alot of fun. Might even make the boys come in and do it.  Leigh would love to but Jarrod would kick up a major hissy.  He hates scrapbook but can’t think why…..LOL!  I have a full time nanny now for the boys so I can go to work. Everything is great, well so far.  Anyway thought i better update my blog and tell you all why it hasn’t been updated for awhile. 

 Till next time



Comments on: "Exciting News!" (7)

  1. Thats awesome news Tanya. Go you!!! Sounds like it is all falling into place. Work should be a fun place and it sounds like your pretty happy to be at work.

  2. Congratulations Tanya.What a awesome job to have or is it a job,More like going to heaven everyday !LOL

    You will have a great time and be so great at it.


  3. Wow, that’s great news! A full time nanny – that’s a huge change! I’m glad you are so happy with your new job, good luck with everything!

  4. Mrs Frizz said:

    Scrapping heaven – working full-time – or should that be playing full-time — GO YOU!!!!

    Look forward to seeing your creativity …

  5. That awesome Tanya leigh – Congratulations…

  6. Congrats. What a great opportunity for you to excel 🙂 Awesome news!

  7. Yay fantastic news Tanya.

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