New Blog!!!!

Well to start with this is just amazing, 3 posts in 2 days….lol!  And NO I don’t have a new blog but my boys Jarrod and Leigh wanted a blog to blog about what they do and share with some of the kids they did CJ’s with at Scrapbook Essentials a while back.  So if you could pop on over and leave a message for them that would be great.  And maybe if the kids they did do the CJ’s with could also say hi.  And of course anyone else that wants to.  The boys are using the internet of school so thought this would be great for them.  The boys have a cool website they are on and they will add to their blog tomorrow.  It’s cool, even I’m addicted to it…..LOL!


Comments on: "New Blog!!!!" (3)

  1. Have been over and left a msg for them…

  2. Hi Tanya … I tagged you!! 😆 Your turn to reveal random facts about yourself 🙂

  3. Hey Tanya … keep on blogging. I just tagged you … so there’s a seven-random-facts post waiting for you 😉

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